Pink, Lace, Glitter and a Candle

 Create a Lace and Glitter Candle Using a Recycled Jar

Candle Holder Lit


I love pink.  I love lace.  I love glitter….and well, candles…I love those, too.  I guess it is obvious by now that it does not take much to make me happy.  The “take with you” craft for today is a candle holder.  I am thinking ahead to Christmas gift giving.  This is definitely something you could produce multiples of inexpensively and make each a little different if you so desire. 


Candle Holder Materials Needed


Materials:  Glass container (I used a mason jar), lace (I used lingerie lace-less expensive than bridal lace), seam binding ribbon, rhinestones, glue, tissue paper, Mod Podge, glue, glitter and a candle

Candle Holder Aglow

I wanted my candle holder to look like a lace dress with a dark apron so I applied mod podge half way up the jar and placed torn tissue paper over this applying Mod Podge once again.  When this is dry, glue your lace to the top of the jar.  I next applied the seam binding tying it in a bow.  Glue rhinestones or any other ephemera you choose and lastly, apply some glitter…that’s it.  I love the glow once the candle is lit, but the candle holder also looks nice just sitting on a dresser, etc.  I hope you enjoy.  mb  {Don’t you just love the word aglow?}

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