Super Simple Boo Banner

Today’s little Halloween decoration is a Boo Banner.

Materials used:  Glitter B-O-O letters from the dollar bin at JoAnn Fabrics, card stock in colors of your choice, ribbon, and any other embellishments you desire.

Step One:  Cut as many triangle shapes from the card stock that will be needed (I used 5-3 for my glitter letters and 2 for my little postcards).

Step Two:  Punch holes, one on each side, of the pennants.

Step Three:  Glue postcards (printed from a Halloween download) on to your pennants.

Step Four:  Feed your ribbon through the pennants and….ta dah!, you are all done…. now display anywhere you want some Halloween bang.

Until tomororw, mb

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  1. Cute BOO Banner! I also like your other crafts you have shared in your blog. I found you through Mind Wide Open. I read your about you section. I have not raised any children but have often had to work more than one job(and do so now actually) so I understand about pushing your creative side aside. Glad you have a chance to let it out to play again.